Vaccination method is one of assisted reproduction technologies and mixed with unfortunately often microinjection. In microinjection IVF treatment is to inject sperm into the egg. The vaccination after cleaning the sperm is delivered with a thin rubber tube into the uterine cavity.

Vaccination namely intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a method to facilitate the meeting of sperm and egg. Semen samples are taken; Inoculated into the uterus after being subjected to a special washing process under laboratory conditions.

The history of vaccination;
Vaccination is known to be used since the hypocrite is probably used in more ancient times, but this period is seen in the records. Today, vaccination has an important place in the treatment of infertility and ovulation problems in patients who achieved success after the elimination, or any problems that can not be detected in double vaccination is the preferred treatment.

Why vaccination is done?
Goal; disabling the cervix of healthy sperm into the uterus, to ensure access to here in the tube, thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy. Cervical mucus (cervical mucus) does not allow the passage of sperm in some cases. Vaccination with mucus eliminates this obstacle is removed.

Vaccination is recommended for treatment of the condition:
I. Cervical problems
ii. situation is less than desirable and mobility of sperm count
iii. Unexplained infertility

Vaccination is not possible, the situation can not be made:
I. Occlusion of the tube
ii. the absence of ovulation (menopause)
iii. For example the absence of sperm in the semen (azoospermia)
iv. Having too few sperm in the semen example

Having ml sperm count below 10 million, and the relative movement barriers to vaccination so as to be a problem. that the sperm count of 10 million ml and especially less than 5 million, is 10% below 4 Strategic Theatre's movement, the effectiveness of treatment is normally done when sperm vaccination rate of 4% under reputation is extremely limited. In these cases, the transition should be discussed directly to IVF.

Is it necessary to treat ovulation during the vaccination treatment?
The effectiveness of therapy used in conjunction with ovulation brings an increase and a higher success rate. Spawning treatment (ovulation induction) can be done with clomiphene citrate or gonadotropins. In recent years, more accurate determination of the time of ovulation and use of GnRH analogues or GnRH antagonists are suggested for the prevention of premature cracking. But the cost of this treatment is to increase vaccination treatment 2-3 times.

Good clinical practice: to do with the ovulation gonadotropins, egg size of the ultrasound follow-up to 2-3 days with examination and follicle (ovulation cyst) diameter trigger is 18- 20m (ie fracturing needle) after the realization of vaccination. Evidence-based vaccination efficiency of this method will be recommended on the basis of medical information at the highest level.

Only the relationship is bound to fail or vaginismus male factor infertility-induced grafting method prodrug therapy being applied, applied natural period. The aim of the therapy is to develop a vaccination ovulation treatment for two to three follicles. More than three eggs will increase the growth rate of multiple pregnancies.
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Ivf For Who?
Infertility may be welded male or female. Sometimes a problem is detected in either one of the pair. Today, the most advanced infertility treatment methods applied in solving the problem tube baby.
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