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Frequently Asked Questions
What is an infertility?
Appropriate number of protection application made despite the absence of sexual intercourse can be said infertility pregnancy after one year. On average one in seven or eight couples infertility problems can be seen.

What are the common causes of infertility?
Among the causes ovulation disorders are common in women and problems related to ovarian canal. Endometriosis and other hormonal disorders can be seen.

Men are emerging in the form of a small number of normal sperm in sperm count or movable structure. This can cause a number of reasons. These are simply the sperm production disorders may have problems with the immune system or structural barriers that affect the output of the sperm or sperm function out.

What are the research doctor would do?
First performed the examination of sperm in men. If there are a sufficient number of sperm in the woman called ultrasound and hysterosalpingography is not a major problem detected in the examination of the uterus and ovaries drawn movie channels. After hormonal therapy is planned inspection be performed.

What are the treatment options?
even before the child and has no problems worth mentioning that the couple has a 25% chance of pregnancy per month. per month with treatment methods have limited chances of pregnancy. That's why you need to start with the simplest method. If you have previously tried a number of treatment or if the woman is over the age of 35 is a good idea to decide in a short time more advanced techniques. Treatment options are used.

  • Stimulation of ovulation
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Test-tube baby
  • Microinjection

IVF is done how?
the ovaries are stimulated with special drugs to obtain a large number of egg cells from women. This process will vary from patient to patient. Fifteen-drugs are used by twenty days. After the ovaries by ultrasound and hormone blood test to qualify for the egg collection procedure is performed. Ultrasound is collected with the help of egg vaginally. On the same day it received sperm from normal males and tube baby or microinjection procedure is performed in the laboratory operations to DOLE.

Two to five days after the embryo is transferred into a fertilized egg from a female.

What is the reason for the microinjection tube baby?
microinjection tube baby is providing more than success in all patients. The sperm, the male reproductive cell microinjection is applied when very few cases where the vaccination or the egg problem. If problems in the normal IVF sperm are applied.

What is embryo freezing?
in eggs from female as many tubes in the laboratory, obtained by fertilization method if frozen embryo can be transferred later. This way, the difficulty and cost of obtaining pregnancy before the next application if the application is reduced.
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Ivf For Who?
Infertility may be welded male or female. Sometimes a problem is detected in either one of the pair. Today, the most advanced infertility treatment methods applied in solving the problem tube baby.
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